TAM ILLI, Indonesian solitary accessories brand by N Jasmin, showcases its latest collection called “ZINNIA” at the New Fashion Force - Jakarta Fashion Week 2018. Inspired by Zinnia, the first flower grown in space by NASA, which known for its long lifecycle, TAM ILLI combines the beauty of the Zinnia flower with futuristic element, in form of an ultra light-weight product materials. TAM ILLI aims to present the Zinnia’s flower character, which is able to boldly grow where no man has grown before.

For the first time, in this collection, TAM ILLI ran manufacturing process of baking for the product, while stay true to its signature techniques and structure, which is no glue involves on the structure. The baking process aims to create a more durable accessory product.

ZINNIA collection consist of four colors with 14 product variants, which are 10 earrings and 4 necklaces. All products are designed to be wearable in any occasion. For necklace, not like its previous collection which are dominated by choker, TAM ILLI chose loose design with adjustable length. Meanwhile, for the earrings, TAM ILLI used more light-weight materials in this collection. Overall, ZINNIA collection depicts TAM ILLI’s signature style: fusion of colors, simplicity in complexity, mystery in openness, and cheerfulness in elegance.

Every piece of TAM ILLI represents the belief that all women are unique in their own way, and each of them are the prettiest of their kind. With this belief, TAM ILLI will continue to strive creating accessories product in unique and organic form, and become acceptable, wearable, as well as comfortable for daily use.

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