What kind of earrings best suit your face shape?

Earrings are a wonderful way to perk up your face and compliment your natural beauty. Wearing the right earrings will define your features, but there are many things to consider when choosing the right pair. One of them is choosing based on your face shape. Here are some tips:

Oval Shape

Women with oval faces have incredible versatility in what they can wear, but I think chunky earrings will give the most striking looks, while simple studs will show off the cheekbones best.

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Square Shape

Elongated and hoop earrings are most flattering for square shaped faces. Earrings with rounded designs will soften the cheekbones and the jaw-line.

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Heart Shape

For heart-shaped faces, the sharp chin will need to be balanced. Earrings with wider bottom shape is a great choice since it will help to balance the natural triangle shape. Chandelier earrings will also work well to fill the lower portion of the face.

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Round Shape

Dangle and teardrop styles are great choices for women with round faces, it will help to elongate the face and offset the roundness.

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